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Ready to rid the world of bad websites and bad email marketing!
So.. I’m not much of a blogger, but I do want to learn. And hey I might fall but if I don’t try I will never be able to fly 😉 This website once started out as my personal playground. A place where I could play around and test new WordPress stuff. But it has now evolved into so much more now that I am a freelancer on Ibiza.

Why this website?

First of all I hope this website will show you my skills in WordPress webbuilding, Coaching and Email marketing. I hope it will make you want to contact me for advice or help with your online marketing strategy.


Every now and then I will write about Email marketing, nice WordPress websites or plugins you can use, new clients and everything else I find usefull. I hope this will interest you and maybe even inspire you to change or enhance your online marketing. Please do feel free to contact me with questions or leave comments on my posts.

Hope to see you soon!

Dennis Winkel

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